What Is Success?

I believe success cannot be easily achieved in life. You’ll always run into obstacles, some may be difficult to pass and other may be easier. Success is not given to just anybody, it is given to those who work their butt off and are always persistent. We reach our goals by our mistakes. Mistakes aren’t always a bad thing, matter in fact its something we can learn from and reflect from.  Surpassing difficult obstacles and learning from your mistakes will help you achieve what you want in life.

In The Good Earth the main character Wang Lung is very different from other men. He does not gamble, drink, beg or waste his life away. Starting when he was young man he worked hard everyday in the farm because of that strong mindset of his. Even though it wasn’t a very money making job he still worked very hard to have a secure future. Wang Lung appreciates everything that comes in his life. He does not treat his wife like a slave like many other men did at the time. He loves his children no matter what, and took care of his elderly father. Wang Lung is a person we can learn from and look up to.

Growing up in my household my parent always emphasized hard work, because my parents escaped from Vietnam due from the break out of the war. It wasn’t very easy to come to America at this time. This was an obstacle that they had to overcome to secure a better future. They wanted to come to America, so their children will have a better childhood and future and they did. My parents wanted to start a new journey here and wanted better opportunities for them and their children. My obstacles are nothing compared to theirs,and are a humiliation to theirs. I always reflect on their journey if I ever run into a problem, it helps me to try my best and not to take advantage of living here. Something I learned from my parents is that I can achieve anything in life if I motivate myself and set my mind to the goal.

As of now my duties right now to have a better future is to do great in school and to receive good grades. Entering high school my uncle told me to challenge myself by getting hard classes such as honors and AP. He is a successful man, and someone to look up to. He got his Ph.D degree at 27 years old. He became a professor at UCI after he graduated from there. He got married at 28 years old and bought a house on his own. I wanted to be successful like him. He told me it all starts early in high school and working your butt off. My uncle told me to work hard now in high school than to work harder in college. Stupid as I am, I didn’t take hard classes at all, I took all CP classes and I couldn’t even achieve a 4.0 because I didn’t work hard at all. Junior year I decided to take AP US History to challenge myself. I am not doing too well in there, but this is just an obstacle that I have to pass and learn from. This is my first AP class in high school, I’m trying my hardest, but the grade is telling me I’m not trying at all.

I always try to learn from my past mistakes and experiences. I know now that I am not alone on this path to success. There are people out there that are glad to help, and give you motivation if you ever run into problems such as teachers, family, and friends. I try to push myself and make and effort in everything I do. If I’m failing at something I always reflect back on my failures and it makes me work even harder because I don’t want to go back to that, it sucks. Never quit until you’re at the top, failure is not an option.

In life you may start slow but that doesn’t matter, it depends on how you finish. Just like when you start a race and you’re first, doesn’t mean you’ll keep that lead. The person behind you is persistent to pass you, and is not willing to give up, that mindset will help him win and achieve first place. This is why I’ll always be persistent and keep a positive attitude in life. I just have to remember that in life there will always be difficult hurdles to pass, but it will pay off if you keep working hard and push yourself not to give up.

“In life you’ll start slow, but no matter what it’s about how hard you finish.” -Apollos Hester

I’m sure you’ve seen this video, but this video is something I’ll always reflect upon


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