Value of Life

How I view the value of life could be different from someone else’s. I look at life like a long mountain climb to the top of the mountain to become successful. You start at the bottom with no direction but once you take that first step you make it your goal to reach the top to become successful. You will meet obstacles that might be hard to jump over you think you’re wasting your time, but it’ll all be worth it once you reach the top to be the best.

You are born into this world, and make goals for yourself. It may be a stretch but it’ll all be worth it in the end. My goals are to be the best version of myself, getting a job that pays a lot of money, start a family, and have people I love around me. I know my goals wont be achieved overnight it comes with hard work and commitment. There will be things that’ll try to stop you, but only you can make  your dream a reality. My philosophy of life’s purpose is to accomplish all your goals that make you happy.

However when you reach all your goals, living your amazing life comes with aging. You are not going to live forever. You will die and you just need to accept that fact. All good things must come to an end. Death is apart of life just like how being born into this world is. Some people want to live forever and some want to just die. I respect everyone’s value of life, I cannot judge anyone to how they want to live their life. There is no perfect way to live a life, the perfect way to live is entirely up to you. Live your life the way you want to and screw what people have to say.



Give Up or Bounce Back?

Sometimes in life you reach a roadblock and just want to give up. It feels like the end of the world and nothing could ever fix the problem. Everybody is different and attack problems in their own way. Some turn to drugs, suicide, or forget about the situation and accept the changes that happened in their life.

Hamlet in his soliloquy is contemplating whether to commit suicide or not. He states that sleep is an escape and it will get rid of all the mental and physical pain that you’ve endured. He also says people are afraid to die because they don’t know if there is an afterlife or not, and life’s purpose is to die. He just wants to give up, his dad died in his uncle’s hands. His love cannot be with him anymore, and nobody is there to comfort him.

Yes, its easy to give up but the type of person I am is to stand up to the problem and not let it get to me. I’ll accept the fact, and forget about it and move on. My philosophy is to keep moving forward and to never give up.

My middle school and high school years my grandparents passed away. I loved them so much and didn’t want them to leave me. I was sad, but they always said, “Death is apart of life.” That taught me that everything happens for a reason and you should accept everything life has to offer. You will have obstacles that you’ll stumble upon that will make you want to give up but there will also be happy times.

Living Life through Materials

We all know that one person or see a person showing off their new gear they got. They are privileged with rich parents getting whatever they want. They take it for granted and don’t know how grateful they are until all their money is gone. Not everybody is born into a rich family that has parents that’ll buy them everything.

I am relating this blog to the Human Life Value Calculator. How you live your life doesn’t represent dollars. Life insurance should be equal for everybody. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to college and get a stable job to support the family. It is not fair.

Getting back to what I’m saying about living life through materials is that money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you happiness temporarily. Also people could just be your “friend” for your money, and in the end they’ll just back stab you. Look at all these celebrities going to drugs to find them happiness because they’re depressed. This proves that you can blow all your money on materials and still be sad.

I find my joy through friends, family, and laughter. I love spending time with others, making jokes, and laughing. Surround yourself with people you love and you’ll be happy.

Purpose of Living

How you want to live your life is entirely up to you. Once you’re born your parents say be this, be that, do this, do that, you must follow these steps to be great… etc.. Other parents give their kids the freedom to do whatever they want and let them be whatever they want to be. Some kids will take that freedom for granted and some will take it in as a privilege.

Steve Jobs dropped out of school, but he still followed his dreams. He didn’t quit on life, he created his own path and made his dream a reality. He was hungry and motivated to be great, creating Apple at the age of 20 in his parent’s garage. Eventually he passed away, but he accepted it. Steve accomplished all of his goals dying happily.

Your philosophy in life all starts when you’re young. You set goals for yourself and aspire to be great. Honestly I think mostly everybody’s motive is to be rich and become successful, but some don’t think all these”checkpoints” are all worth it. They don’t want to go to school, they don’t want to study, do homework, invest your time into your craft. They want to take shortcuts in life, and not go through the journey.

Sometimes I want to quit in school or whatever I am doing because I get lazy. To help me get back on track I look at my parents for motivation. They came to America with barely anything, and still figured out a way to start a family, shelter 3 kids, buy them their first cars, and buy whatever we liked. They worked their butts off to become successful they didn’t have any easy routes. They wanted to make the american dream a reality. Sometimes I take my parents for granted so I should never be ungrateful for my parents. I talk back to them at times, but I need to remember how easy I have it and how lucky I am to have a mom and a dad that loves me unconditionally. So my purpose of living is strive to be successful and give back to my parents because they deserve everything.


Junior Year

Wow, this year sure was a blur, everything went by so quickly which is a bitter sweet moment. People said that Junior year is the toughest year of your high school career and honestly I can agree with that. I set high expectations for myself to get perfect grades this year but I fell short. This year was one of the first years that I’ve became close with most of my teachers. I was fortunate enough to have teachers I could joke around with and have great conversations about anything in life. I think the bond a teacher makes with their student is one of the most important aspects of a teacher because it shows that the teachers care for their students and would do anything to help them succeed.

When I walked into English on the first day of the second semester, and I saw the board saying “Welcome to Ms. Marley’s CP3 English class.” I was bummed at first because I loved Mr. T and his style of teaching. He created such an impact on his students and I was going to miss him. Mr. T left us in good hands though, I thought I’d be getting a student teacher that wants to be unreasonable with everything, give us a crap ton of homework, and wouldn’t care for their students. I’m glad Mr. T has chosen Ms. Marley for the job because she is approachable, easy to talk to, and she understands the students and the position that we are in because she was once a high school student too and knows how we feel about school. I liked having Ms. Marley as a teacher because she is reasonable with homework, classwork, and tests, and the students can joke around with her, also she cares for her students’ futures and lives. Some teachers don’t even care for their students, and don’t even want them to pass their class or succeed which is improper teaching. Probably the only thing that I hated or did not like was doing book reports because I hate reading, but everything else I liked. The best thing about her teaching is that she teaches us life lessons that we can apply to real life, for example being kind to one another can go a long way and could cause a ripple effect of kindness. I don’t really have any advice to give to Ms. Marley because her style of teaching is great already. AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE DONUTS!

Damn, the last blog post of the year, junior year is over and now c/o 2016 are almost seniors now baby! I still feel like a freshman to this day, it hasn’t hit me yet that my high school career is coming to it’s last chapter. This year was the most memorable for me so far because I’ve grown many bonds with my teachers more than I have my freshman and sophomore year. Time to kick finals’ butt and enjoy summer!

My Thoughts on the Baltimore Riots

Right now everywhere you go, you hear about the Baltimore riots. You see and hear it in social media, the people around you, and all over the news. It is pretty devastating to see citizens of Baltimore destroy their city due to a policeman’s decision. What are they trying to prove? Yes, we all know they want justice for the loss of Freddie Gray, but vandalizing and looting from stores won’t solve anything nor bring peace and justice. Nonviolence and acting in a professional way will have more positive motives than smashing on your own community. The citizens need to reminisce back to Martin Luther King Jr.’s era because his nonviolence movements and actions were successful.

“Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Even though the media is mostly showcasing the riots there are still blacks out there in Baltimore supporting their police force and city. The media should publish this side of the story because it proves that not all blacks are “thugs”. Majority of the news that I see are only showing the bad actions of the black community, which leads to proving that black stereotypes are true. Not all blacks fall under those bad stereotypes, take a look here.


I’m happy that this video of a mother smacking her son stealing during the riot went viral because it comes to show that there are people who are against this immature destruction of their city.


The majority of the Baltimore community needs to open their eyes and realize that destroying your city will solve nothing. If they want justice, they need to respond back in a more nonviolent and rational manner.

Conquering Fears


Fear is something that will always hold us back. We are always afraid of something, but we can’t let fear take over our lives. You can run from your fear, but it will always find it’s way back to you. To push it away for good you must give it a chance and try to overcome it. Fear may be presented as a bad thing, but it’s not, you can learn from your fears by taking taking big risks, you don’t know what you’re capable of if you don’t try. In life you cannot be successful without taking risks. So what if you fail? Its a learning experience.

One of my biggest fears is that I’m afraid of failing. Not just in school, but everything I do in life, I do not want to be defeated. I don’t know why this is my fear. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to let my family and friends down? Or maybe I’m afraid to be looked down upon and be judged.? It’s not until high school that  I learned to be brave and to take risks. My teachers tell me its alright to fail sometimes because you can learn from your mistakes. Family members and teachers tell me you have to fail sometimes to be successful in life.

You cannot go on about your life knowing that you didn’t try taking risks. If you fail at overcoming your fears, you must keep persevering and you’ll be able conquer it.  We cannot let fear rule our lives and we should not be afraid to give it a chance.

“Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.” -W.Clement Stone

Spring Break

I looked forward for this break very much because it was well needed because our last relaxation we had from school, tests and teachers was in December, also spring break means that the end is near! The best feelings from break were turning off my alarms putting it aside until another week, staying up super late, and sleeping in everyday with no worries about school.

I was yearning for this break all year long because after winter break because we had to go through 3 months with only some days off here and there. It also meant I had to grind out a lot of work like homework,quizzes,projects,and tests. Many days in April I stayed up late a lot doing school work and I just wanted to give up but I had to remember that spring break was just around the corner. I worked my butt off in every class and it was well worth it because I was rewarded with a week off from school.

I thought this spring break I would have a crazy time just like how it is in the movies and stuff but my spring break was nothing like that at all, haha. Most of my break I just did a lot of normal stuff such as staying up late, playing games, going to the beach, playing volleyball, going to the gym, and hanging out with my friends. I had high expectations for spring break because I wanted to explore new things like going to amazing places with beautiful sceneries  and doing wild stuff but it didn’t deliver, also it was my fault anyways because all I wanted to do was to sleep and relax. I was kind of disappointed in myself because I didn’t make myself productive to do new things unlike doing the same things every spring break. However I don’t regret anything this break because the end is near and now it’s time to push myself to finish this year strong!

Beware of Your Surroundings

Finally, spring break is here! I was so bored waiting in my fifth period class, watching the clock tick. I was daydreaming the whole time in class about how great break will be. The clock hits 1:48 and I scream, “WOOO! SPRING BREAK!” I went to my friend Steven’s house to hang out for a bit because we were planning to watch Fast and Furious 7 later. I was such in a great mood at that time and suddenly I get an unexpected phone call from my dad because he usually never calls me in the day unless there is an emergency.

I picked up the phone and he told me that my car left an oil puddle this morning when I left for school. As soon as I heard about the news, I ran outside popped my hood to see if there was any problems with my oil, and boy was there a mess. My oil cap fell off, and the oil was everywhere in the engine bay! I couldn’t believe I didn’t notice anything while I was driving. I did not see any leaks before and I was so embarrassed. Now my Friday afternoon got ruined because I had to go buy new oil and change it because the oil life was low. I did not expect any of this to happen.

Even though my Friday got ruined by a stupid mistake, I had fun changing my car’s oil with my friend Chris. I kind of have O.C.D. now when I change the car’s oil. I made sure everything was tight about a hundred times. Today taught me to pay attention to my surroundings and the little things in life. I am so glad my dad called me to tell me the problem because I would not have noticed. Okay, time to watch Fast and Furious 7 and have a relaxing break now.

Education is a Privilege

Do you have somebody in your class that takes education for granted? Have you ever met somebody that sacrifices education to have fun for a temporary time? It grinds my gears so much when students say school and education is so stupid and they decide to stop going to school at a young age.

Where will ditching school take you in life? Yes I know there are a few percentage of drop outs that become successful business men or scientists. However when they dropped out they put their matters on their own hands. They didn’t just lounge around doing nothing with their lives. They have a hard work mentality to get their stuff done. Some people I’ve seen growing up, could care less about learning. There are so many countries around the world that barely have access to education, and would kill for it. For the kids that ditch, they don’t see it that way. Come on, you get it for free for Christ sake, take advantage of it.

I mean, I can’t say I’m a lover for school and all. I hate doing homework and tests. I come into class everyday all tired and sleepy. Even though I hate school at times, I know for a fact if I do well in school there will be great opportunities for me in the future. Everyday in class I push myself mentally to get through the day. I have to endure this pain now, work hard now, so I can play harder later.

“Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.”  -Lance Armstrong